Brass Door Knobs

We research and source authentic period brass door knobs which we then reproduce as an exact copy of the original. Brass has long lasting qualities as it will not rust and our door furniture is designed to look beautiful, but also to feel pleasant to handle.

We have developed very fine, intricate mouldings for our brass which we cast using traditional methods using a combination of lost wax and fine sand.  This enables us to produce very intricate pieces with great attention to detail. The mechanics of our handles and spindles are made exactly the same way as the originals, being threaded one end and broached (square) the other, as this stops the dangerous scenario of the handle ever failing.

Every door handle that we make is a faithful copy of an original and each one is carefully polished and aged to replicate old, period door furniture. Our aim is for our door knobs to look as if they have been part of your home for decades, slightly worn, giving each piece a wonderful patina of use and age.

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